The Fertility Clinic is a family-run organisation that specializes in the support and advice of infertile couples that are trying to conceive.
Founded in 2008, and now running exclusively online, The Fertility Clinic is assisting couples around the world with its products specializing in the fertility field.
The Fertility Clinic’s number 1 product, The Fertility Plan, is now available on our main page. Click Here To Order The Fertility Plan.
The Fertility Plan is in e-book format, which means that anyone can make use of it, no matter where they are in the world! It was researched, compiled, and written with one purpose in mind: to maximise infertile couples’ fertility, and help get them pregnant!
Our second product, Preventing Miscarriage, is also now available. Until it launches on its own site it is available exclusively to purchasers of The Fertility Plan as a free bonus!
The Fertility Clinic hopes to launch more products in the future. If you have any feedback regarding The Fertility Plan, or if you wish to make suggestions for our website or future products, please Contact Us.